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Check out the crafty original compositions in this craft brew podcast.

The Blind Tiger Podcast is a website devoted to introducing beer novices the world over to the extensive and rewarding world of craft brews. From news, to reviews, to just about all things brew the Blind Tiger Podcast team is dedicated to all things beer.

Discover for yourself WWJD as we learn What Would Jesse Drink on each episode.

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VISA: Music for VISA Commercial on Financial Inclusion

Jesse Clark recently completed music for a VISA commercial on Financial Inclusion. Look for it.

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I composed music for the company logo and for their video advertisements.

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United States of Autism

Soundtrack Composer and Sound Designer: The United States of Autism movie is set to premiere in NYC on April 5th.

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Horror–It’s coming for you

It’s hunting you. Your heart is beating out of your chest. It spotted you. Run.

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Chase Scene

The cops in an unmarked car stake out the bad guy on his way to his next target. They both stop at a red light, and the villain spots them in his mirrors. Can they can’t catch him before he speeds away through the crowded streets?

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Receiving a Master’s degree of music composition in Ithaca, Jesse exhaustively studied traditional and Avant-garde theory to compose effectively in a multitude of musical styles and genres from symphonic classical to pop, metal to Mariachi, electronic dance to gamelan kebyar. To capture the atmosphere of your next project, reflect its emotional content, and illustrate the movement therein, the emotional and dramatic considerations specific to your project will treated with efficiency, creativity, and professionalism.

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Sound Design

Working with all types of sound communication from film to advertising, video games to interactive web-based media, consisting of music, speech, sound effects, audio synthesis & manipulation as is related to and assisting in the narrative, the unique and individual needs of your project will be met with competence.

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Whether it’s ADR, Surround Sound, or Public Enemy’s concert, Jesse is an experienced professional in audio production and mixing.

He has worked with:
Patti Smith
Kid Rock
Public Enemy
Jefferson Starship
Fall Out Boy
Jimmy Cliff
Maceo Parker
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Dickey Betts

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